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Thai Mail Order Brides: How to Date and Marry a Beautiful Thai Woman

Every person has different needs and wants. If you have dreamt about marrying an Asian woman, why not? However, not all Asian females are alike. In fact, Thai beauties are nothing like most of their Asian counterparts. 

Thai brides are legendary but there are also lots of myths and misconceptions revolving around them. Many Western bachelors believe that these ladies are subservient and submissive to men, that they are meek and mild. Another false assumption is that most girls from Thailand fall for men with fat wallets. 

In this review, find out the truth about Thai singles, why it is worth dating them and how actually to conquer their hearts. After reading this blog you will know:

  • Why Western bachelors are into Thai beauties 
  • What traits Thai beauties have
  • Where and how to “hunt” for a gorgeous Thai single
  • What to anticipate from your marriage with her

Read on to find out even more!

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All Secrets About Thai Women: Why Hot Thai Women So Popular?

Many bachelors from Australia, the US, Europe, and the UK rush to date Thai singles. Why? What allures them in these girls? Is it their extraterrestrial beauty? Or is it their personality? Well, the answer is a no brainer – it’s both. Let’s look through a list of sexy Thai women’s features before we get into details:

  • They are feminine and are beautiful even when getting old
  • Thai girls care about hygiene a lot
  • They are outstanding helpers and supporters
  • Cooking and chores are normal for them 
  • People believe they are docile but no 
  • They never hold a grudge against a loved one

Appearance. Hot Thai women draw males with their honey-hued or porcelain skin, typically long and smooth raven hair, exotic Eastern eyes, and slim petite figures. Thai belles look very good as they eat healthily and take good care of their bodies (physical activity and hygiene are crucial for these Southeast Asian belles). They age well, so you will never see them blow up in shape even after giving birth to several children or have wrinkled faces.

The main reason, however, why bachelors decide to marry Thai mail order brides is that they make flawless spouses. It is very easy to approach and please them, compared to European or American girls. They will never be rude to you or ignore you, even if they are not interested. Little chivalry and respect will buy them for sure.

Also, Thai belles are very hard-working, they never say no to any kind of work and they are also exceedingly supportive. They embrace the roles of caretakers, aren’t humiliated by chores like laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning, and cooking. Yes, and most Thai females are fantastic cooks! They also have a nice character – a fight with them can be a bit brutal but short. Thai girls let it go almost effortlessly. 

Finally, they are very feminine and do look cute – but don’t think they are docile. Shy in public, a Southeast Asian girl can be rampant in the bedroom, just keep that in mind – girls with the most innocent faces have the naughtiest minds. That’s why they are so appealing for bachelors. 

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Marriage With Thai Ladies: Thai Mail Order Brides Experience

Boys in Thailand run around a lot and break hearts by cheating. That’s why many Thai girls decide to search for husbands overseas – Western men tend to be more loyal and show more respect towards women. 

They register on special dating platforms and interact with foreign men. Not all, of course, find their true soulmates, but those who do usually end up connecting their lives for a lifetime. 

Real stories of men marrying Thai mail order brides show it can be a huge success. Such international couples live together for years. Typically girls from Thailand leave their homeland to live with foreign husbands. These couples do face a gazillion of challenges – from cultural differences to visa/residence permit paperwork, but love makes their hearts go on.

Before you completely get enamored of a Thai belle, skim through these notes:

Thai belles are ok with marrying older gentlemen, and they do it out of pure love but not love for bucks

You can date a girl you meet in the bar, but she’s a no go for marriage – they tend to be promiscuous gold-diggers 

  • If you meet a good girl, you may have to wait till marriage for sex – some Thais are very old-fashioned
  • Thai girls looking for decent loving husbands
  • They can be jealous and suspicious so they expect their husbands to be faithful
  • If she comes from a conservative family, they may be waiting for you to pay dowry. This must be negotiated with her ma and pa in Thailand, sometimes they agree for monthly payments
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Finding Your Match Among Thai Women

How do you find the right Thai woman for marriage? When browsing through the profiles of Thai beauties on Asian dating sites, check what kinds of photos they post, what they write about them and so on. If the girl posts lots of bar or club pictures, there’s the very low possibility she would be into a serious relationship or even marriage. If she is sure about what she wants, she will clearly state that in her dating site profile – that she is looking for a certain type of a man rather than for unicorns, moonlight, and rose petals.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is if the girl you like speaks good English. First, check what she mentioned about her language skills in the profile description. Second, check out if she’s using translation services provided by the mail order brides platform. It’s not critical is at least one of you is looking forward to learning the other person’s language, but it can be an issue in the other case. Third, make a phone or video call through the dating site. 

Not only will this allow you to find out if you like her voice or body language but also if you two can clearly understand each other. But no worries, many Thai women nowadays are well-versed about many things and speak English decently.

Also, note that you should not try to look for a wife in Thailand only if you failed to find one in your country. That might not be because your fellow women are not a fit for you but there may be something to fix in your character to behavior. If you search for Thai brides only for that reason, there are high chances that you will fail.  

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Thai Wife: What Will Your Life Be Like After Marriage?

Nothing can be better than marrying a Thai woman. Ladies from Thailand do make flawless spouses. They are faithful, family-oriented and never boring. Check out how your life will change after marrying one.

Family ties:

  • Thai females care for their families a lot, and your boo will care about your family as for her own after the wedding
  • You will be expected to help her family out because of Southeast Asian traditions
  • Fights happen in any family, but only if your wife is from Thailand, they won’t last for too long – these ladies don’t hold a grudge against their partners 
  • You will have a lot of personal space – Thai females don’t mind their husbands going out with their friends on Saturday evenings 

Sharing of responsibilities:

  • Thai women are good workers, they aren’t lazy and are fine with working nine-to-five, so you won’t be the only breadwinner 
  • Cleaning and doing laundry most likely will be on her
  • You will feast with the most delicious, aromatic and spicy Thai food – get ready for the tastiest yam goong, pad Thai, khao kha mu, khao man gai and various curries. All these dishes names may sound unfamiliar to you but it’s ok – with the time you will get used to and will become a real gourmet
  • Thai people are laid back and not really punctual, so it’s very likely that in your marriage you will be the one responsible for planning


  • They are great supporters – no matter what happens to you, she will be by your side to make your life easier and will lend you a helping hand at any time and in any way she can
  • She will struggle along with you and never let you down


  • PDA won’t be common in your marriage – these belles are timid in public
  • Impressing her won’t be a problem – flowers never fail
  • You will spend your vacations near azure waters eating dragon fruit and mangosteen – because going to Thailand will never be a problem again
  • Unlimited Thai massage, if you know what we mean
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Where to Find a Thai Bride: Should You Try a Thai Brides Agency?

Newbies try to get Thai girl while on vacation in Thailand. They fall for girls from bars or clubs, but here’s one thing: you can take a girl out of a bar, but you will never take a bar out of her. Such ladies aren’t so-called “wife-material”.

Authentic Thai brides for marriage can be found on specialized sites. They are often backed up by marriage agencies or exist on their own. There are many Thai brides online nowadays. Find a reputed Thai mail order bride site, register on it for free, get a paid membership for higher security and a wider range of communication tools.

You may ask if there are any Thai brides for sale. We will tell you – no. This industry isn’t about selling. In fact, it is not legal. What happens here is that you pay for the services of dating sites to give you access to profiles of single Thai women who have serious relationship intentions, who have their identities verified and so on. 

How much will it cost you to get a Thai single? Prices vary, and that depends on which site you use and where you live. Overall, you may spend between $2,400 and $5,000 on website services and visiting your boo in Thailand.

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The Best Thai Dating Sites

So where do you meet sexy Thai women seeking foreign husbands? Check out these sites:

AsianDate – quick registration, credit-based system, and an iOS app – all you need to find the love of your life. 

ThaiWomenDating. Here you can send free emails even without being a member. Apps are available for both iOS and Android users.

AsianBeautyDating is very easy to use, does not require users to purchase a membership but not all profiles are real.

DateAsianWomen has a high number of active users, advanced safety and top-notch interaction tools.

FindAsianBeauty is user-friendly, functions without bugs and has a huge number of active Thai female members.

Choose your site for meeting the girl of your dreams wisely – better register on several at once to test them. As investors say – never put all eggs in one basket.

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Did You Know These Famous Thai Women?

Last thing we need to tell you before you start searching for Thai love. If you thought finding a Thai mail order bride is a challenge, you were wrong. The real challenge will be to remember her name! Here are some famous Thai actresses and models with typical names:

  • Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying
  • Natthaweeranuch Thongmee
  • Araya Alberta Hargate
  • Jenjira Pongpas
  • JeeJa Yanin

Are you ready for the fact that your potential Thai wife will such a long name? If yes, you are also ready for the searches!

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Thai Brides: The Bottom Line

Thai ladies make ideal spouses and mothers because of their caring nature. Should you propose to one, you will be treated with the yummiest khao mu krop mu daeng and khao tom (don’t ask what this is, better rush to find a wife from Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket!). 

But these are not the most essential things. If you need someone supportive, with traditional values, who is humble in public and tigress-like in bed – that’s when you should marry a Thai woman. Thanks to technologies, you can find her online easily. Good luck with that!

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