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Explore the Mysteries of Hot Russian Brides

Beautiful Russian brides have been captivating men for centuries. These ladies are not just fair and exquisite but also emotionally strong and incredibly resourceful. More importantly, they make excellent wives and mothers, which gives Russian women for marriage a competitive advantage over their Western peers. So, if you’ve been single for a while and if you dream of finding a loyal and supportive wife who would not shy away from traditionally female duties, Russia is one of the top destinations for brides hunting.

Of course, we are not implying that you should go there right now. It’s possible to find Russian women online, chat with them for as long as you want, and only then consider a personal visit. All of these possibilities are brought to you by numerous Russian mail order brides services, so let’s take a more in-depth look at what they are, how they work, and what advantages international online dating may have in store for you.

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Russian mail order brides sites: what are they?

If you have little experience with dating services, the whole ‘mail order bride’ term may sound a bit confusing. It somehow implies that you can buy a Russian bride, which is not truly the case. However, it’s possible to meet hundreds of Russian brides on websites dedicated to these mysterious beauties. Differently from a mainstream dating website, such a platform would be focused on marriage and long-term relationships. It also implies that every woman you meet via the Russian brides club will be ready to consider relocation. That is the real logic behind ‘mail order bride’ term.

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What urges women to become mail order brides

Of course, you may wonder why beautiful Russian women would agree to become mail order Russian brides. Most likely, your first thought would be that they are trying to escape their country, and we must admit — this a common stereotype. In practice, however, it’s nothing more than a stereotype because present-day Russia is an advanced country with high living conditions.

On the other hand, it does have a serious flaw for single Russian women — most of Russia’s population are female, and they seriously outnumber the men. So, even statistically — it’s not always easy for single ladies to find a truly good match. And, if you consider for a second that such male-female ratio spoils the men, you’d see why so many hot Russian women would rather try their luck online than settle for a husband who takes them for granted.

Another reason why so many young Russian girls would rather date and marry a foreigner is a purely cultural one. First of all, their education and world outlooks are very different from education their parents received back in the USSR. Today, this younger generation finally feels like they deserve something better in life; they study, get well-paid jobs, learn languages, travel. They are opening their horizons, and many of them feel that a different country is simply more suitable for them and their mentality.

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Advantages of international marriage

It all sounds good, but what’s in it for the groom? Why would one even consider marrying hot Russian brides or any other foreigners, in that matter? Well, here are some facts about international marriages that may sway your opinion:

  • Marriages formed over a dating agency last longer than traditionally built marriages. There is more than one explanation for this fact. For starters, people who start using a dating site have similar intentions in mind. Second, they may take all the time they need to get to know each other — without chemistry and hormones interfering into the process. Finally, online dating allows everyone to fine-tune their search settings and filter out any unsuitable matches, so there is mathematical precision in this search.
  • Very few international marriages end up in divorce. In fact, less than 10% of them do — for pretty much the same reasons as already mentioned above. Besides, if you consider the time and energy both parties invest in a long-distance online relationship, you’ll also see why international partners value their families more than locally-formed couples.
  • Cross-cultural couples have fewer arguments and live happier lives. Sounds surprising, but most people coming from different backgrounds find it easier to communicate and settle any conflicts they have as a couple. Once again, there can be more than one explanation for this — from the simple fact that online dating offers a chance to find a more suitable partner to the effort both parties invest in their relationship. We, however, assume that most international couples remember that they are very different — a thing a lot of local partners tend to forget.
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Hot Russian brides: do they make good wives?

It’s one thing to date Russian women — especially if you’re only dating online. Marriage, however, is a different matter entirely. Do Russian women make good wives? What can you expect if you bring a Russian lady home with you? The details will always differ, of course. Still, we can give a quick preview of what you can expect from most Russian mail order wives.

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Kind and supporting nature

Support is something Russian women brides learn at an early age, and they carry this skill along for the rest of their lives. Russia has seen its share of political turmoil, so families and even friends tend to keep close, always offering a hand (or at least, a supporting shoulder to cry on) at times of trouble. Most Russian wives will be fiercely loyal to their husbands and will always stand their ground in difficult times. Despite their loving hearts, these women have immense psychological strength, which makes them ideal partners in most life situations.

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Endless energy in running the house

Another feature most single Russian women, as well as married ladies, have in common. They are excellent homemakers and very impressive cooks. They can keep a house neat and organized, and they can do so even when working a full-time job. Russian girls are quite meticulous and can create the kind of routine that will keep their homes spotless without taking too much of their time and energy.

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Patience with children

When you meet Russian brides online, you’ll notice that most of them will want to have children. It’s not very common to have more than two kids per family in Russia, so your bride’s ideas about nuclear family will unlikely be different from yours. However, her attitude toward raising children may prove to be a pleasant surprise. Most Russian families do not spoil their children — not because of their lack of resources, but mostly for their love of discipline. Russian wives hardly ever nurse the little ones until they graduate from college and do their best to teach kids responsibly and independence at an early age.

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Self-sufficiency and independence

Speaking of independence, this is the skill most Russian brides master quite early in life. Beautiful Russian women are also incredibly self-sufficient. Even stay-at-home moms do more than take care of the house and children. They try to learn something new whenever they get a chance — whether it’s a new complicated recipe or an online web-design masterclass. Their keen minds and energetic nature don’t let these fascinating ladies stop at the top. Simply put, a woman like this will never be bored or sulky; and chances are — your life with her will not be boring either.

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What to consider when choosing a dating website

There are plenty of reliable dating services that can introduce you to Russian brides online. Still, choosing the platform that would work for you is not always easy because you have to consider a whole range of factors that contribute to a nice, user-friendly experience. We suggest you focus on the following aspects, at least for a start:

  • Website region of operation: some marriage sites deal with Russian brides specifically, while other platforms welcome Slavic brides from the neighboring countries as well. If you are not certain you want to stick to Russia, you may also explore Slavic brides from Belarus, Ukraine, and even Poland. Of course, each of these countries will have cultural peculiarities of their own, but still — most Slavic brides are beautiful and easy-going.
  • Platform’s main demographics: next thing to define is the main demographics of the service. Most ladies on Russian mail order brides sites will be in their 20-30s; still, it is possible to find websites that feature more mature demographics, if that’s what you’re after.
  • Site navigation and design: navigation and design will depend on the platform’s main audience. On the whole, sites that welcome young users tend to be more flashy and interactive, while websites designed for older people — simpler and more conservative. So, you should also consider which navigation logic appeals to you most. In any case, even the most interactive dating services should be relatively simple to use, and you should see all essential communication icons in one place.
  • Fees and payment options: another important factor to consider when joining a dating agency. Any professional service will run on a commercial basis, but the only thing clients should be paying for is communication with the ladies. Registration, profile browsing — those should be free of charge. As for communication fees, they will differ a lot depending on the platform. So, compare a couple of sites to see how much each of them will cost you. Also, note that some services ask for a monthly subscription fee, while others bill clients for every message sent. So, make your calculations — which is one going to be cheaper and more convenient for you?
  • Additional features not included in the subscription plan: apart from communication means, a reliable dating agency should offer a set of extra features, available for an additional cost. Of course, the scope of such services will largely depend on the platform in question, but still — a site that takes its business seriously will usually offer travel help as well legal marriage assistance (on request). Besides, most Russian mail order brides sites will have offices in Russia, so they can ensure gift delivery anytime you want to surprise your lovely bride.
  • Customer feedback and reviews: finally, you should not discard what other people have to say about the service. It, of course, does not mean that you should avoid sites that have a couple of negative reviews — remember, it’s impossible to please everyone. Still, take some time to read through social media to see what other people have to say about this particular platform.

Also, do not forget that even paid websites who verify each user’s identity are never fully protected from scammers — even though they do their best to shield paying customers from online fraud. So, mind the basic security rules and do disclose any personal or financial information — this data may always leak online.

As for communicating with hot Russian brides, stay patient and reasonable. Do not expect that the first lady you meet will be your ideal wife and meet as many of them as you can. Sooner or later, you’ll narrow your search down to just one or several ladies, and then you can pay each of them a visit. We bet one of these Russian brides will prove your perfect match!

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