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Asian brides — find your Asian wife online!

Online dating is constantly increasing in popularity these days, and it’s no wonder! It releases you of the necessity to seek a mate in your vicinity alone. You can meet Asian women, Slavic girls, or Latin beauties from across the ocean without leaving the comfort of your home. This is an apparent win over the old-fashioned way – dressing up and appointing an entire evening for going to some venue without even being sure whether you will meet someone remotely fitting into your standards. The advantages of online dating are becoming so apparent to an increasing number of people that, in many places, they are becoming more common than the “old-fashioned way” — not only for light-minded hookups but also for serious intentions.

To be more particular, Asian women dating has become much more facilitated now that the Internet is blurring the geographic borders. Not so long ago, many men could only dream of meeting an Asian beauty and bringing her into his life. Today, a variety of the best Asian dating sites make this opportunity of a lifetime available to any gentleman!

Explaining the mail order brides phenomenon

Everyone has heard stories of a friend who found the love of his life on one of the international dating websites. This phenomenon is not specific for Asian brides: many websites specialize in connecting Western gentlemen with women from any place of the world. It is still perfectly healthy, however, to hesitate and have some second thoughts about such an endeavor in your life. Besides, gentlemen have to pay for mail order brides services, so it’s only natural to be reasonably concerned about the chances of getting scammed. The only way to clear any doubt is to shed light on the issue, so let’s do just that.

The first thing to clarify is that, even though people use the terms “mail order brides” or even “buy a bride,” you don’t actually order or buy a person in this century. If some service claims otherwise, it is your red light hinting at a scam. Legitimate dating services are the ones that facilitate the connections between potential spouses from different parts of the world in response to the increasing demand for such services. Of course, facilitating such services means doing all in their power to ensure the success of this union, but there’s only so much a third party can do. So, it is imperative for every gentleman to realize that the success of this potential marriage rests solely in his hands and the hands of his lady.

Now, how does a mail order brides service facilitate the communication between people who share the intentions of marriage? They do it in every way that they can, namely:

  • help create comprehensive profiles that describe both Asian singles and Western gentlemen in detail
  • create and employ search filters so that the singles could find potentially fitting partners more easily
  • offer means of communication within the websites (letters, chats, video calls, etc.)
  • provide translators’ services to confront the language barrier when necessary
  • offer to send small presents to ladies and ensure that they get them
  • help organize your trip to a foreign country to visit your Asian bride

Of course, there is quite an amount of Asian mail order brides websites for gentlemen to choose from, and each tries to offer something unique and outstanding. But the services that we have described represent the gist of their activities.

What leads these women to become Asian mail order brides?

Another legitimate concern is about the sincerity of all those young Asian girls’ intentions. Suppose the website is legit, but what if the girl has an agenda of some sort? Especially since those photos you see often look not unlike front pages of fashion magazines – somewhat unrealistic. Here, it is necessary to debunk the Top 3 most widespread stereotypes in this regard.

Stereotype #1: Gold-digging

Some men voice concern that the only reason why those hot Asian women want to marry foreigners is that they think these men are rich and want to marry them for money and get all of it after a divorce. This is any easy myth to debunk. First of all, Asian countries are not that poor, not nearly poor enough for masses of women to consider relocating to a foreign culture for economic reasons alone. Surely, some people come from less fortunate economic background than the others, but it’s not a specifically Asian phenomenon. If you insist on being afraid to get scammed with your marriage, you cannot focus your fear on Asian women specifically.

Secondly, Asian ladies may seem calm and shy, but rest assured that they are smart and well-educated. So, they are perfectly capable of providing for themselves. Of course, their traditional upbringing suggests that the husband is the primary breadwinner of the family, and this is the kind of husband they would want. But that won’t stop her from realizing her potential professionally. By the way, thanks to their smartness and education, they also know as much about that little thing called a prenup as you do.

Stereotype #2: Greencard hunting

Another widespread misconception is that those hot Asian teen girls are suffocatingly bored with their lives in their hometowns, so they are desperate to use any chance to get out from there, especially when the destination is the Land of Opportunities. This is another no-brainer case of disinformation or even ignorance.

It doesn’t take a lot of learning about Asian cultures to realize just how strong family and social ties are in there. If compared with her Western counterparts, it takes a lot more zeal for an Asian woman to take that leap of faith and travel to the opposite corner of the world to meet her husband-to-be.

Actually, it is more than likely that you will have to visit her first. Her visiting an online acquaintance in another country will be out of the question, even if you pay for the trip. Moreover, she will probably do another thing out of the ordinary and take the initiative in advertising her home country and her hometown for you to relocate there, as opposed to her relocating to you. It may be not such a bad idea because, as we have mentioned, most Asian countries are, in fact, quite comfortable for living. If, however, you are convinced otherwise, be prepared that it may take you some time to convince her to change her permanent location.

Stereotype #3: Insecurity

So, suppose you have made up your mind and convinced her to make up hers, and the two of you are happy newlyweds, - what’s next? We all know that traditional upbringing makes an Asian girl an ideal wife for taking care of the household and the family, but what about her personality? Won’t she get you bored? It is widely misconceived that Asian women have no character and that all they ever do is go around doing chores, wait for being bossed around, incapable of making their own decisions. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

For people of our individualistic mentality, it is easy to mistake her careful consideration for indecisiveness. The fact is that, before making a significant decision, she is used to considering all the opinions and interests of everyone in her environment to come up with an ultimately beneficial solution. It is true that such an approach renders the decision-making process somewhat slow. But, at the end of the day, everybody wins. Meanwhile, of course, you are welcome to exercise your role as the head of the family and make all the necessary decisions yourself, and she will accept it.

Truth: Craving for love and attention

Any well-traveled person knows that the differences between people in different parts of the world are all situational. When it comes to essential points, all people are the same. Likewise, beautiful Asian women’s heart desires are not all that different from those of any other woman. They want to be cared for and loved. This is what they seek on mail order brides services. This is what they seek in their potential husbands from the Western countries. And – this is something that’s often hard for them to get from Asian men. You see, Asian societies remain largely patriarchal, and women get mistreated and taken for granted. Education and career opportunities are open to them, but they are still treated as those pale shadows that our stereotype #3 pictures them to be. They know that gender relations are different in the West, so they strive for the kind of family life where they will be appreciated not only for their household skills but also for their beautiful personalities. And when they get such appreciation, it makes them grateful for life. They treat marriage with utmost seriousness, and you can see that marriages between Western gentlemen and Asian ladies have the smallest divorce rate.

Essential features of your Asian wife

Odes of praise for the charm and finesse of those hot Asian girls are not uncommon, but that’s not enough to make her a good wife, is it? Let’s take a look at Asian women’s characteristics that decisively matter for family life:

Family focus

As we have mentioned, it is her desire to create a family that drives her to international dating services in the first place. Since she’s there, this is her main priority in life, not money or improved social status or anything else that one may think is to be gained from a Western gentleman. And family will always matter more to her than all those things.


Because Asian girls always smile but don’t talk too much, they may seem somewhat silly. It is not true - they are all bright and well-educated (in Japan, for instance, higher education is compulsory). It is their intelligence that prevents them from talking senseless things without consideration. She is smart enough not to show off how well-informed she is on a variety of topics. This means that she will never put you down just for the sake of it. Even if some things you say are wrong, she will find a considerate way to share her insight without annoying you.


Faithfulness is yet another essential feature of every Asian woman. It is not a virtue that she trains, but it is the only way for her, an integral part of her nature. Once the two of you are an item, you can rest assured that this is forever. You will always have her love and support, even through times of fiercest hardship. This is because they understand phrases like “lifetime partners” or “the two who are one” 100% literally and not as a fancy metaphor.


She also realizes that she must look presentable not only for her husband but also for the audience. She is proud when she can make him proud. That’s why she will take all the care in the world to preserve that natural beauty with which you fell in love from the first sight.


This is merely another manifestation of her intelligence that we have already talked about. Instead of applying it to putting her man down in an argument, she chooses to use it to maintain order at home and in your family life. She will use all her wit and analytical abilities to make your everyday life utterly efficient, comfortable, and effortless, and make it seem like it goes naturally. Naturally, an Asian wife will not boast those skills, but she will appreciate some tokens of gratitude now and then.

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