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Mail order brides: Essence of the service

There comes a time in any man's life, when the desire to stop being irresponsible and adolescent stops and the desire to grow up begins to show up. This desire is tightly connected to our biology and the way our bodies and minds have evolved over the centuries. Our Biology dictates how we are born, how we grow up, and how we develop as people.

Marriage is quite a new institution. It was developed roughly ten centuries ago. The origin of marriage was very different from what it is now. The way we perceive it now is a bond between two people who share their lives (that includes an exchange of property and money). Back in the day, it was mostly the man owned the woman. Love was expected at some point but not required.

Now, love is the center of our being. Even if we don't realize it, love is the finish line of the rat race that is our life. We chase goals because we want to seem successful to ourselves and those that surround us. We try to earn a lot of money for ourselves and for those we care about. Indeed, love is the most central of emotions in our being.

Why is it then that love makes us so unhappy?

An easy answer is that we have forgotten how to love. This is because we have focused too much on material goods. The hypothesis is that we lost something important along the way of self-fulfillment.

A more complicated answer is: we just haven't been lucky in love. Whether because of our location or because of our family, we just haven't met the right one.

For these cases, when a man or woman has tried but failed to find a suitable mate, exist mail order brides services that help them locate the perfect match.

What are mail order brides services?

At some point, no matter when in life, there comes a very special period for every person - the desire to create a family. It is the time when you realize that loneliness is unacceptable. You want something for yourself; a special someone who you can take care of. Let’s be honest: each man wants to hear the sweet whispering of the word “Yes” from their sweet lady. Every girl dreams of finding that sensitive and handsome man who will devote himself to her. She hopes of planning the most beautiful ceremony in the world and having her entire family see that she is finally happy and content.

These are perfectly normal emotions that every single person has at some point in their life.

But sometimes things don't go the way we picture them. Life isn't a fairy-tale, even if it has been good until now. Sometimes you just can't find a person you feel comfortable and secure with. Every person you meet simply doesn't seem to get who you really are. Parents try to set you up on blind dates, but those attempts end in disaster. Everything you try to do seems to be a failure when it comes to love.

There is a solution to your problem. Mail order brides service. This is a service that caters to lonely men and women who have exhausted all other resources available to them and haven't been able to find a partner where they live. Sometimes that is based on the lack of potential partners in a given country or town. Or there simply aren't enough ‘good’ partners.

A mail-order bride is a woman who creates a profile on a website, fills out all the paperwork and starts networking with men from all over the world. Her goal is simple: find a loving and caring husband. The essence is as innocent as it sounds. Most women on these websites are highly educated and come from a good background. They just haven't been lucky in love so now they have to try to find it internationally.

A mail order bride site is similar to a dating website, except the end goal is to get married. Usually, it's the men that go on these websites in search of good women to marry, but in recent years it is becoming ever more common for women to be searching for a husband.

How do mail order bride websites work?

Mail order bride services function very similarly to dating websites but with a twist: the goal is to get married.

You register, pay the fee, and you are given access to the website and catalog so you can start communicating with the girls.

This bride can be located anywhere in the world. For example, you can live in Europe but your future betrothed might be located somewhere in Asia.

Love knows no boundaries. It can bloom anywhere: in a war-torn country or in a small and quiet village. One shouldn’t limit oneself to just one location if that location has failed to give results.

Mail order bride websites are mostly built by developers and psychologists. That's why when you first see one, you get a sense of belonging. Psychologists have worked closely with the web designers to make you feel safe and secure.

Basic information about mail order brides services

We realize that it's hard to trust any information on the Internet. It's even harder to put your trust into something that promises to find your wedding bliss. But the system works; here are some basic tips and tricks that we've gathered about mail order bride services over the years. You'll soon see there is nothing to fear.

  1. The mail order bride websites are interested in making you happy. Their goal is to find a suitable mate for you. The reason we say that that is their only goal is that they don't get paid otherwise. Let's be straight; money does make the world go round, and these services are not an exception. But the underlined fact is - they don't get the big money unless you are 100% satisfied. If you fall in love with some lady and you decide to marry, you will have to pay the company a certain fee. That's where they get their money from. If your lady is located in a country that requires a visa, you can pay the mail order bride service a fee, and they can assist you with the visa acquisition.
  2. You are not obliged to marry if you don't want to. You are under no legal or ethical obligations to marry anyone that you don't want to. Even if you've set everything up with the agency, you can still change your mind in the last second. This is your right as a human being. The mail order bride service cannot make love appear from 'nowhere', and they cannot force two people who don't love each other to marry.
  3. The ladies you will be communicating with mostly come from Russia, Asia, Romania, etc. There is a reason why ever more eligible brides come from these countries. You see, these countries are undergoing financial and moral ruin. There is rapid inflation running rampant through all of these states. The gap in the salary between male and female workers is astronomical. Most men in such countries are patriarchal oriented, meaning that the ladies are constantly reminded that they have fewer rights than their husbands. That's why women search partners from more advanced countries. These ladies want to be valued as human beings and appreciated for who they are. They want to be on par with their beloved, not cast down and humiliated.
  4. Women you will be communicating with are some of the most beautiful ladies in the world. It's a well-known fact that women from Russia, Asia, and the majority of ladies in Europe are exceptionally beautiful.
  5. Using a mail order bride service is cheaper and more convenient than regular dating. You pay to use the service, and you also pay for any fees surrounding your possible marriage. That's all. There are no hidden fees beyond those. When you meet someone in the real world, you are expected to go out on dates and buy expensive gifts. Those can cost you hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. These expenses can leave you impoverished and in a serious financial hole. Even worse is that after spending all that money, you are not guaranteed a happily ever after. That can leave you emotionally scarred and hurt. By using a mail order bride service, you are saving yourself a lot of money and emotional pain.
  6. Real mail order bride services are real, and the fake ones are fake. It's quite simple  - if you follow our list of websites that have been given our greenlight, you'll never be scammed. We realize there are hundreds of such websites out there, so it's hard to get started. It's normal to feel a bit afraid. Just follow our lists, and you will never be scammed.


The mail order bride services are the future of dating. They combine regular dates with a chance to talk to anyone from any point of the planet. The best part is: both of you are interested in marriage, so there are no hidden agendas or plots.

We know it's scary to begin. There are many websites out there, and you must surely be wondering which ones are the best. You might even be thinking it's a good idea to try several of them. You know, just to see how it goes. That would be counterproductive. By spreading your attention and resources to so many places, you aren't really giving the best places the attention they deserve. What if you miss the opportunity to meet your one and only just because you were looking somewhere else? Our suggestion is to focus on one and stick with it. If after one year you still haven't seen results, then you might want to change websites and try something else. But until then - consistency is key.

To finish this article on a positive note, we would like to share a list of sample articles that we publish on our website. These articles deal exclusively with how to better yourself and how to find your best and most suitable partner.

Here are some of the topics we write about:

  • How come more and more people are looking for life partners online? Is it even possible to find your only partner on the Internet?
  • European mail brides: why ever more men are looking to Eastern Europe in search of a perfect wife?
  • Can dating traditions transfer to an online relationship? Is there any kind of etiquette to online dating?
  • Psychology 101: what a typical mail order bride is thinking about when registering on a website? Is there anything grooms to be should understand about their brides' psychology?  
  • Sociological overview: what pushes women away from their home countries?
  • Dealing with a stigma of online dating: why online relationships work better than offline ones?
  • How to determine that you have found the one?
  • How to get into online dating with zero experience in this area?
  • What women are looking for in their partners: figures of a perfect husband and father revealed

One final word for you: live with love. If you are unhappy in your present situation, try and change it. The future is bright, and there is no point in you hiding in the shade.

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